We support our clients in their efforts to develop wind projects that achieve the best possible return on investment. ·

- We offer global independent consultancy services to wind developers and utilities within the entire value chain

- We are 100 percent customer focused, dedicated and committed in our role as Owner’s, Buyer’s or Lender’s Engineer

We have the experience and years of insight to foresee a long list of issues that you should be taking into consideration when it comes to asset management, operations and construction of wind projects.

We typically perform inspections, end of warranty strategies, reports, data analysis and tendering of third party service providers.

Have a highly experienced in carrying out marine coordination, keen on the logistics of wind farm construction, and used to coordinating and keeping track of vessels and personnel.

We monitor ma- rine safety and advice on maritime matters.

We liaise with all maritime authorities involved.

Your project will benefit from the lessons learned on all previous project.