Offshore construction Planing and logistic.


Offshore construction Marine Warranty Surveyor.


Construction and Marine Expertise;

· Marine Business Develop manager.
· Construction Manager.
· Package manager.
· Commissioning manager.
· Project manager.
· Marine Warranty Surveyor.
· Marine Surveyor (IMCA audit).
· Client Rep. On shore and Offshore construction.
· Marine Lead Coordinator.
· Marine Coordinator.
· Heli Coordinator.
· HSEQ Manager / Coordinator.

Construction and Vessels management

Our team have been engaged in this aspect of the construction of an offshore wind farm project since 2008.

Planning Phase

San Offshore’s involvement can be from initial consultancy,  as marine advisors to the project management to fully manned 24/7 operation.

We will assess logistics  prior to the commencement of your project.

Two critical elements of project development and management for complex projects are risk and interface management. Both require a sound awareness of the potential problems that could occur, a comprehension of the impact that would result, and an understanding of how best to reduce or eliminate the likelihood and impact of such risks.